Just Salad Creates Cleaning Captain Position

15 Jul 2020

Fast-casual salad chain Just Salad has created a new safety position, the cleaning captain, in response to the pandemic, reports Nation’s Restaurant News. The cleaning captain alternates between cleaning the customer facing areas and back-of-house areas in 20- to 30-minute increments.

The highest priority for the captain is high-traffic areas, like door handles, which are the first thing cleaned in each cycle. Then, the captain moves onto the dining room and cleans the doors themselves, the entrance to the ordering process, the dressing station, the point-of-sale/register area, and the pick-up area.

After the first cycle, the captain sanitizes themselves, washes their hands, changes gloves and towels before starting on the back-of-the store, which includes refrigeration, assembly stations, and other areas customers don’t touch.

“The conversation with our managers was that we don’t want this to be a fad in the industry, we want this to be an actual position where we take ownership and pride in making sure our stores are safe for the guests and all of the team members who work in our stores,” said Apolinar Chavez, chief operating officer at Just Salad. Full Story

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Photo credit: Just Salad