Searches For Mexican Street Food, Pumpkin Treats Surge

16 Oct 2020

Searches for suadero tacos, an authentic Mexican street food, have increased 6,218 percent during the week of September 21 compared to last year, according to data from Yelp, reports Food Business News. The tacos, made with a specific cut of shredded, fatty beef, were featured on an epsidoe of Netflix’s “Taco Chronicles,” causing searches for the dish to surge, especially in Illinois, Texas, Arizona, and California.

Other popular searches include pumpkin spice lattes, up 72 percent, pumpkin pie, up 66 percent, and pumpkin cheese cake, up 242 percent. In addition, searches for patio restaurants and outdoor coffee shops are up 1,396 percent and 593 percent, respectively, as consumers try to navigate dining out during the pandemic.

“At Yelp, we’re seeing people return to the comforting flavors of apple, brown sugar and pumpkin this fall, opting to enjoy the flavors in their favorite drinks and desserts,” said Tara Lewis, Yelp trend expert. “Whether they’re dining in or out, people are also eager to try suadero tacos, a delicious beef taco, making waves this season.”

Down this year are searches for Japanese barbecue, seafood buffet and Mongolian grill, as well as searches for beer types and breweries. However, searches for craft beer stores are up 26 percent. Full Story

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