Buyers' Picks: Trendy Teas

Arielle Feger | 18 Mar 2021

As consumers continue to spend most of their time at home and seek comforting foods and beverages, they are game to try new takes on their favorite teas or get out of their comfort zone with experimental flavors. Specialty Food asked a trio of retail buyers to share their picks for trendy teas.

Summer Thompson, Market Hall Foods, Oakland, California

• Dorpare Ginger Pineapple Tea

• Jaipur Avenue Original Masala Chai Tea Mix

• Loverboy Sparking Hard Tea White Tea Peach Kissed with Lavender

• Mariage Frères Rouge Bourbon Tea

• Teas With Meaning La Luna tea blend

“Tea connects us to so many things larger than ourselves. It allows us space to recoup and relax or energize and refresh. With so many options, you are bound to match your personality and mood to any number of exciting producers,” said Thompson.

Sarah Miller, Hive Online Marketplace

• Dona Elderflower Fennel With Chamomile and Orange Ouli Tisane

• Dona Masala Chai Concentrate

• Equal Exchange Organic Earl Grey tea

• Teapigs Happy Uplifting Tea With Lemon Balm

• Teapigs Cold Brew Lychee and Rose Tea

“Dona Elderflower Fennel Ouli Tisane is light and refreshing. This very unique flavor combination delivers just the right mix of each element. The chamomile and elderflower work together as the primary taste with fennel adding just a splash of light licorice-like flavor. It’s ideal for relaxing by a pool, or if you don’t have a pool then it’ll help you pretend that’s where you are,” said Miller.

Stephanie P., Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe, Boston

• Harney & Sons Boston Tea Blend

• Harney & Sons Mothers Bouquet Tea

• Mem Matcha tea

• The Republic of Tea Downton Abbey Teas

• Tea Forte Jardin Tea

“Because we’re located in Boston, a huge seller is Harney & Sons Boston Tea Blend. It’s a blend of black tea, cranberries, and almonds,” said Stephanie P.