Natural Grocers Debuts Hydroponic Lettuce

7 Jul 2021

Natural Grocers has launched a hydroponic GardenBox pilot to supply hyperlocal, fresh produce to its communities.

An array of organic, leafy greens grown at its Lakewood, Colorado, Green Mountain store, travel just 82 steps from the garden to its customers. Beginning today, Brentwood, Alkindus, Tropicana, Muir, Marciano, and Truchas lettuce will be sold there at $1.99 per head.

On the outside, the GardenBox looks like a shipping container, but indoors, the garden climate is carefully controlled with technology designed to regulate the amount of water, light, and nutrients needed to optimize the growth and nutritional value of the greens.

The GardenBox lettuce holds the following certifications: Where Food Comes From Organic and Clean Hydroponic Produce established by the Alliance for Sustainable Hydroponics.

“Natural Grocers has been committed to selling fresh, 100 percent organic produce from day one as a way for us to support our communities and our planet,” said co-president Kemper Isely, in a statement. “This next step—of sustainably growing organic and clean hydroponic produce ourselves, on site, and harvested fresh for our store every morning—truly speaks to that commitment and to who we are as a company. We can’t wait for our hometown community to taste produce that was grown literally right outside our store.”

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Image: Natural Grocers