Walmart, Instacart to Offer Delivery in NYC


2 Sep 2021

Walmart will make grocery delivery available to shoppers in parts of New York City starting this week, reports The Wall Street Journal. Powered by Instacart employees, the service will cover parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Since Walmart has no physical stores in New York City, Instacart shoppers will purchase items from stores outside the city limits, according to the report.

Walmart and Instacart decided to expand their grocery-delivery partnership to the New York metro area after tests in other urban areas attracted new shoppers, said a Walmart spokeswoman. Walmart is using Instacart “where stores aren’t as dense,” she said. “It’s about reaching more customers.”

Also according to the report, an Instacart spokeswoman said the company has expanded its technology and operations to enable longer-distance deliveries, “making it possible for retailers to reach and deliver to customers who live further away from existing bricks-and-mortar stores.” Full Story (Subscription required)

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Image: Walmart