Fancy Food 24/7 to Feature International Pavilions

22 Sep 2021

To help get international products in front of U.S. retailers, the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food 24/7 digital event, starting Monday, September 27 and running through Friday, October 8, will feature 11 international pavilions highlighting nearly 150 companies.

Pavilion countries include Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Peru, Poland, Southern African States, and Spain.

“With travel restrictions to the U.S. due to the pandemic, many of our international pavilion organizers and their manufacturers have been looking for new ways to get their country’s products in front of U.S. buyers. We are so pleased to be able to provide them the opportunity to do just that during our upcoming Fancy Food 24/7 event,” said Leo Squatrio, vice president, events & member development at the SFA.

In addition to digital showrooms full of international and domestic specialty food products, Fancy Food 24/7 will be the SFA’s first digital show to allow buyer attendees who create an Infinite Aisle account to order product directly from exhibitors.

More information on Fancy Food 24/7 here.