Whole Foods Introduces Resolution Renovator

6 Jan 2022

Whole Foods Market has unveiled its Resolution Renovator, an online hub that helps people rethink rigid New Year’s resolutions, according to the retailer. Whole Foods has teamed up with motivators who embody positivity in three key areas—mind, body and spirit.

Plant-based recipe developer and well-being enthusiast Radhi Devlukia-Shetty will represent Mind; Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby will represent Body; and motivational speaker and New York Times bestselling author Gabby Bernstein will represent Spirit. Each of these Wellness Motivators will offer curated affirmations and intentions within the online Resolution Renovator to help guide mindful living in 2022.

According to a survey from Whole Foods Market and Wakefield Research, nearly two-thirds of Americans agree that New Year’s resolutions put extra pressure on them at the start of the year. In addition, many doubt their resolutions will be successful, giving themselves a less than a 50 percent chance, on average, at achieving their resolutions.

“At the top of the year, when many of us are setting new goals, the most important thing to remember is to root them in joy and love for yourself,” Rigsby said in a statement. “Our goal with Whole Foods Market’s Resolution Renovator is to move away from potentially stressful New Year’s resolutions in favor of motivational intentions that allow ourselves some much-needed grace.”

Now through Jan. 26, consumers can visit the Whole Foods Market Resolution Renovator to receive tailored affirmations and intentions from the Wellness Motivators. Users will choose the area they’d like to focus on this year and then answer a series of questions that reveal their affirmation and intention.

After completing the Resolution Renovator questionnaire, consumers will be entered for a chance to win a 2022 Well-Being Bundle composed of the motivators’ top picks from Whole Foods Market, with 25 winners each day. The Well-Being Bundles feature three hand-selected products from Whole Foods Market that each motivator uses as part of their own daily well-being journey.

Three grand prize winners will also receive an exclusive, personalized video from one of the Wellness Motivators with an inspiring message tied to their 2022 affirmation and intention.

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